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    13th May 2018, Hyderabad
    Cancer Prevention Conference 2018
    Aarogya Today

Dr C Laxma Reddy

Health Minister of Telangana - India

Dr Reddy, a former Homeopathic Doctor, is an Indian politician and the current Health Minister of Telangana. He served as the first Energy Minister for Telangana state and then was moved to take over the Health portfolio. He is at present a Member of the Legislative Assembly for Jadcherla constituency representing Telangana Rashtra Samithi.


Sarat Addanki

CEO, Ayurway - India

Sarat is a highly accomplished entrepreneur who has spoken at several global conferences. After establishing a strong presence in the tech world, Sarat decided to set his sights on finding functional solutions for the growing cancer problem. He is also an Ayurvedic Health Educator, who practices Vedic Counselling. The motivation he gathered after losing his mother to cancer, got him involved with his friends (as he call his patients) and helps them overcome their pain of this deadly disease.


Dr David Christopher

Manager, Dr Christopher Herb Company -USA

David started apprenticing with his father, Dr. John R. Christopher, in 1972 and became manager of the Dr. Christopher Herb Company in 1974. David Christopher is a popular lecturer and is appreciated by those who sponsor him as well the lecture attendees. His repertoire is extensive including such subjects as weight management, diabetes, cancer, cleansing, backyard/grocery store herbalogy , etc.


Gautami Tadimalla

Cancer Survivor, Indian Actress & Founder, Life Again Foundation - India

Gautami is a mother, homemaker, Indian actor, Breast Cancer Survivor, media entrepreneur, social activist, rationalist and aspiring educationist. She founded Life Again Foundation in 2016 with its focus being on bringing awareness in the public about terminal diseases like cancer and to raise awareness on terminal diseases, diagnosis, treatment, counselling, support and building networking resources for patients/survivors.


Ananda S Jayant

Cancer Survivor & Founder, Natyarambha - India

Ananda S Jayant is a Classical Dancer, Sr Railway O fficer, TED India Speaker and the Founder of Natyarambha. She is also a Breast Cancer Survivor. Her TED talk has been ranked in the Top 12 Incredible TED Talks on Cancer. The Government of India awarded her the civilian honour of the Padma Shri in 2007


Krishna Madappa

President, The Institute of Science, Spirituality & Sustainability - USA

Krishna is a shaman, Ayurvedic specialist, educator, essential oil clinician, researcher, and storyteller, based in Taos, New Mexico. His research is in engineering and bio-field sciences, he is totally immersed in scientific research and explorations of subtle energies and frontier sciences. He travels globally conducting lectures, experiential learning intensives, and retreats along with small group and individual sessions, enriching and empowering the lives of all he meets.


Dr. K. J. Malagi

Professor & Head, Division of Ayurveda, CIMR, Manipal Academy of Higher Education - India

Dr Malagi was awarded the Ayurveda Bhushana in 2005 by the International Academy of Ayurveda Physicians (SHB Gandhinagar, Jamnagar) and the Panchakarma Ratna in 2008 by the same academy. He is specially trained in the field of Panchakarma and he is looking after the Panchakarma Section in the Division of Ayurveda, CIMR, MAHE, Manipal from 7th February 1989 until today.


Viki Vaurora

Founder, The Great Legalisation Movement - India

Viki Vaurora is the founder of The Great Legalisation Movement in India that strives to make this world a better place by educating the people, government, doctors, industries and entrepreneurs about the benefits of Cannabis. Viki has done a lot of work and research towards the usage of Cannabis and how it aids in battling cancer.


Vasudha Mathur

Chief Dietician, Basavataraam Indo American Cancer Hospital and Research Institute - India

Vasudha works as the Chief Dietician at Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital and Research Institute since 20th September, 2010. She has successfully established the Nutrition Support Group for patients and attenders during her time there.


Steffi Mac

Cancer Survivor & Founder, Can We Not (YouTube Channel) - India

Steffi is a Blood Cancer Survivor and the Founder of Can We Not, a YouTube channel that doesn't tell cancer patients or survivors what to do, but instead reaches out to the people around them, guiding them in how they can help them in their battle against the illness.


Neelam Kumar

Cancer Survivor & Author, To Cancer, With Love - India

Neelam Kumar is a two-time cancer survivor, mother and the author of To Cancer, With Love: My Journey of Joy and 4 more books. She is the first woman to change the narrative of Cancer in India from grimness to hope through her books.


Sravan Reddy

Yoga Consultant, Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals - India

Sravan Reddy is a Certified Yoga Alliance Trainer. He holds a Master’s Degree in Yogic Science from Sri Sri University. Sravan is an Art Of Living Faculty. He is currently working as a yoga consultant in Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals.He helps his patients to manage physical and physiological concerns of their diseases through yoga and meditation. For the last few years, he has been educating and motivating people in experiencing the important connection between body, breath and mind for an integrated holistic approach to health.


Jeremy Ann Anderson

Clinical Ayurveda Specialist, Master Teacher at California College of Ayurveda - USA

A Clinical Ayurveda and Pancha Karma Specialist, Jeremy is a graduate of the California College of Ayurveda. She also received certification from the American Institute of Vedic Studies in Ayurvedic Health Sciences. Since 2005, Jeremy has served on the faculty at the California College of Ayurveda. To bring the light of this profound science to her local community, Jeremy maintains her own practice, Annapurna Ayurveda, in North Lake Tahoe, California.


Dr Priti Parekh

Founder, Fountain of Health Wellness and Chronic Disease Clinic - USA

Dr. Priti Parekh is an American Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician. She completed residency from UCSF affiliated Highland Hospital in Oakland, California. She practices in San Francisco bay area. She is the founder of Fountain Of Health Wellness and Chronic disease clinic. Dr. Parekh also serves on the wellness committee of Dublin Unified School District. In past she has been a partner and served on committee for Women Physician Wellness at Kaiser Permanente which is one of the leading HMO in USA.


Dr Abhishek Rai

M.D. Psychiatry & Psychiatrist, University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre - USA

Abhishek Rai MD is a full-time American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology certified Psychiatrist at University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre. After graduating from his medical school at Delhi University (University College of Medical Sciences) in India he moved to the USA. Dr. Rai is currently pursuing a degree in Ayurveda from the California College of Ayurveda as he firmly believes in integration of Ayurvedic and Allopathic Medicine for the better prevention and healing of chronic disease.


Amarpali Singh

Founder, Cross Connection Poetree - India

Amy Singh is a Spoken word poet, an alternative educator and a TEDx Speaker. She uses poetry as her medium of storytelling, activism, and philanthropy to promote positive change and social justice. She is also the founder of Cross Connection Poetree, an initiative to bring poetry out into the public spaces and to integrate it in our everyday lives. Amy’s poetry is about raw human emotions, and often blooms from the fertile ground of collective pain and healing.


Sabika Abbas Naqvi

Founder of Sar-e-Rahguzar: Poetry on the Streets - India

Sabika is an activist and spoken word poet from India. She founded Sar-e-Rahguzar: Poetry on the Streets to mix her two passions and bring them onto one platform. She is also an Urban Fellow at the Indian Institute of Urban Settlements.


Dr Venugopala Chary S

Special Representative, Telangana Government - India

Dr. Samudrala Venugopal Chary is a Special Representative for Telangana - MyGov India. He was a member of the 11th, 12th and the 13th Lok Sabha and represented the Adilabad constituency of Andhra Pradesh and is a member of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi political party. He is a Medical Practitioner by profession.


Pradnya Umrani

Cancer Survivor, Passionate about Ayurveda - USA


Shankar Raventhiran

President, Green Anthem Foods Inc. - Canada

Mr. Shankar Raventhiran is the President of Green Anthem Foods, majored in Chemical Engineering from University of Karnataka, India. He is an entrepreneur and successful business magnate and is extremely passionate about innovating healthy, nutritional food products.


Rajashekar Reddy Seelam

Founder and Managing Director, Sresta Natural Bioproducts Pvt. Ltd. - India

Mr. Seelam Rajashekar Reddy is the founder and Managing Director of Sresta Natural Bioproduct Pvt Ltd, the leader in Organic food business in India. He's an IIM Ahmedabad alumni and has been involved closely with Indian agriculture both on the input side and the output side for more than 30 years. Sresta is an integrated Organic Food company. The vision is to promote sustainable livelihoods, for farmers, sustainable lifestyles for consumers and a sustainable environment. Sresta currently works with 45000 farmers on 2,25000 acres across 11 states. It has 30 processing facilities and markets over 150 organic food products in India & Worldwide.


Serena Malkani

Sound Practitioner, Ayurvedic Counselor, and Organizational Psychologist

Serena Malkani is a certified sound practitioner, Ayurvedic Counselor, and Organizational Psychologist. Through the use of simple melodies, mantras, and ancient healing sounds, she creates a meditative experience that helps people release stuck emotions and remove energy blockages so that the body can restore itself back to harmony. With specific instruments and frequencies, her sessions reduce stress and anxiety, and aim to shift brainwave patterns to a theta state, allowing for prevention and deep healing to occur.


Sunitha Tati

Cancer Survivor, Founder & CEO, Guru Group and Founder & MD, Support Cancer Awareness Foundation- INDIA

Sunitha Tati is a Telugu film-maker/ producer, who produces her movies under Guru Films Pvt Ltd banner. She is also a breast cancer survivor and a founding member of the Support Cancer Foundation based in Hyderabad. In her own words, “The joy of being a cancer survivor is that you wake up every morning knowing what a gift life is,” she says.